Our courses cover the full UNISA syllabus for all 5 modules of the UNISA CTA program.

Each course consist of pre-recording video lectures (5-10 minutes long) that explain one principle at a time. This makes it easy to pause, rewind, or come back later to revise. If you’re unsure, you can always ask your lecturer.

Our team at Tabaldi has built online CTA courses and programmes with your biggest challenges in mind, in order to ensure that you get the maximum support that will get you through your exams.

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We offer study support for both UNISA CTA Level 1 and Level 2.

When you enrol, let us know (at which level you are on and we’ll put you in the correct group.

“Words cannot explain how thankful I am that I came to you last year and you not only helped me pass my CTA but also my ITC!!

I will forever be thankful for the help you have provided me.”


CTA 2 Bundle


We offer stand-alone content courses and programmes that cover the content for all 5 CTA subjects (FinAcc IFRS, FinAcc Groups, Audit, Tax and ManAcc), as well as stand-alone exam revision courses and exam revision course bundles for all 5 subjects.

Time is probably the biggest challenge for most CTA students. You need to work through CTA content, revise some topics where you struggle, do questions and work on exam technique, all within a very short time frame. We’ve designed every part of our CTA programme to save you time while giving you everything you need.

We cover CTA Level 1 (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences: 98231) and CTA Level 2 (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences: 98225).

Please note: If you’re doing the bridging course for CTA (i.e. Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences: 98230-CTA), we now have a special programme for that: see 3rd Year / ADAS Bundle.

“Tabaldi has made a world of difference in my studies. For every Module, there are video lectures, multiple questions per topic, notes/tips and test prep course. The lecturers even show you how to flag and highlight (by lecture video!!!!)

Did you forget something? Go back to the lecture video and watch it again, it’s always there!

Still don’t understand NPV calc, IAS 12, Audit Procedures or Estate Duty? Send the lecturer a message, you will a comprehensive answer in no time!

Another thing, the lecturers don’t just motivate students to study but they actually teach students HOW TO STUDY. Yes, they teach postgraduate students how to study (by lecture video!!!!!!), that’s how much they care and want to students to succeed!

Highly recommended. Thank you Team!”





Our CTA Bundle includes all 5 final-year modules of CTA Level 2 (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences: 98225). This includes: AUE4862, FAC4863,  FAC4864, MAC4862, and TAX4862). Enrolling for the bundle offers a big saving over buying the courses separately. From 2024 our bundles are available as a once-off purchase or a subscription. Our course bundles will give you access to all the modules for the whole year.

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All 5 of the CTA modules are available separately. Enrolling for stand-alone courses will give you access for the whole year (i.e. until your final assessment has been written).

If you will be doing all 5 of these modules this year, it will work out cheaper to buy our CTA Bundle (see above). The bundle will give you access to all 5 modules for the whole year. You can also buy the bundle on a monthly subscription plan.