CTA Level 2 TAX4862


We cover the full syllabus for CTA Level 2 Tax (TAX4862) with video lectures; explaining everything you need for your CTA syllabus. Our videos walk you through two past exams, showing you how to read, plan and answer your questions.

We’ve also added revision videos; in case you need a refresher on some topics from undergrad. (These are there when you need them, so you’re in control of your time and what you do with it!).

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Advanced / Applied Taxation - TAX4861 & 2 Test 1

Advanced / Applied Taxation - TAX4861 & 2 Test 2

Applied Taxation - TAX4862 Test 3

Advanced / Applied Taxation - TAX4861 & 2 Test 4

Advanced / Applied Taxation - TAX4861 & 2 Final Exam


Being successful at tax means a having a practical understanding of the critical concepts and a working knowledge of the tax legislation. Our lectures focus on how to use the Tax Act to answer your questions, on the quickest way to practical understanding, and the ability to use the Tax Act to answer questions as quickly as possible.

  • Case Law
  • Donations
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  • Income and Share Transactions
  • Residents, Non-Residents and Double Tax Agreements
  • General Deduction Formula
  • Taxable Capital Gains and Assessed Capital Losses
  • Companies and Close Corporations
  • Dividend Tax
  • Estate Duty
  • Estates, Trusts and Capital Gains Tax Implications
  • General Deduction Formula (revision), Special Deductions and Assessed Losses
  • Capital Allowance
  • Trading Stock, Foreign Exchange and Financial Instruments
  • Individuals
  • Fringe Benefits, Retirement Benefits
  • Employee’s Tax and Provisional Tax
  • Tax Administration Act
  • Tax Avoidance
  • Tax and Estate Planning


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