CTA Level 2 FAC4864


We cover the full syllabus for CTA Level 2 FinAcc Groups (FAC4864) with video lectures, explaining everything you need for your CTA syllabus, and how to tag and highlight your open books. Our videos walk you through a past test, showing you how to read, plan and answer your questions.

We’ve also added revision videos; in case you need a refresher on some topics from undergrad. (These are there when you need them, so you’re in control of your time and what you do with it!).

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Applied Financial Accounting 2 - FAC4864 Test 1

Applied Financial Accounting 2 - FAC4864 Test 2

Applied Financial Accounting 2 - FAC4864 Test 3

Applied Financial Accounting 2 - FAC4864 Test 4

Applied Financial Accounting 2 - FAC4864 Final Exam


Our lectures teach you a practical approach to groups, which we maintain and build on from the start all the way through to the exam prep. It makes your learning much simpler, quicker and easier to repeat, so that you can get to using your knowledge and practising as quickly as possible. Our course covers the following topics:

  • The Acquisition Method (IFRS 3)
  • Control and Consolidations (IFRS 10 / IAS 27)
  • Investments in Associates (IAS 28)
  • Investment in Joint Arrangements (IFRS 11)
  • Revenue from Contracts with Customers (IFRS 15)
  • Changes in Ownership (IFRS 3)
  • Foreign Operations (IAS 21)
  • Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (IAS 7)


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